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Happy Parents Speak

Happy Kid: G.Sakthivel

Class: happy flyer 1

Happy Parent: Mrs.B.Kirthika Janani

Branch Of the Happy Learner: Avadi

I’m very much aware of BG’s happiness curriculum. This curriculum has created lots of curiosity and willingness to learn. He has become more social. He is not hesitating to go to school. He is readily involving in all activities. His favorite activity HapSports has not only created interest in sports but also improved his communication through their dialogic Learning. I would say BG Future is a model preschool. Safety is given high priority and the measures taken to ensure safety of children are excellent.The way BG treats it's parents is the first thing to be mentioned .BG takes a child with all its plus and minus and mould them.BG ensures that the child is not forced to learn. Yes I am a happy parent.Certainly . I have already recommended BG to many of my friends.


Class:Happy Home 2


Branch Of the Happy Learner: Avadi

Yes, im very much aware and Happy of your happiness curriculum. My son is very happy and has become enthusiastic to learn new things BG’s happiness curriculum have changed him a lot. There are many developments he eat by himself ,he is clean and washes his hand offen,he respects elders, he has learned many things. I will give five star rating for BG’s management. Actually your BG school is very safe for our kids. BG’s staffs make good effort to take care of our kids and your staffs are very caring and affectionate . I must say Morning prayer has made him to pray to God daily morning. The activities you made them to do in school are really very good..Yes iam a very happy parent of BG future school and will recommend my friends and family members



Happy parent: SHILPA AJISH

Age Group: 3.5 to 4.5 yrs

I’m very much satisfied with the happiness curriculum offered at BG Future School. My child has become more creative and I feel happy to see her doing her own imaginary works on clay modeling. She was very shy, but now she is overcoming it. BG future school is very good on terms of safety .As a team they are very good. I can get a clean and clear picture of what my child is doing in class. I am a happy parent of BG Future School. I will definitely recommend BG Future School to my friends and family


Class: Happy Flyers I

Happy Parent: B.Nigilamani

Branch Of the Happy Learner: Ambattur.

I am very happy with the happiness curriculum of BG Future School. My child is happily learning and enjoying. The writing skills of my child has improved .The activity based learning makes it a joyful learning for kids. Especially the initiative to improve the communication skills of students is really appreciable. I am very much happy with the team and the safety measures taken in the BG Future School. I will surely recommend BG future school for my friends.

Happy Kid: Onyx Saesha

Happy Parent: Mrs.Gomathi samuel

Age Group: 2.5 to 3.5 yrs

School' a home away from home exactly matches my daughter, such an extraordinary care has been taken at her school. The care and attention given to academic as well as non-academic activities far exceeds any of our expectations. The teaching as well non teaching staffs are one of the best team in our area. The way every instruction to both students and parents about day to day activities organised should be highly appreciated. The management ensures that anything happens at school will reached the respective parent on time. Initially I had a fear that i am planning for school at a very early age for my daughter which was broken on day 1 at school. We are very proud that our daughter gets to know hygienic habits.The teaching methodology helped my daughter get adapted to education so early, so still she is very happy while she enters the school.I am seing the progress of my daughter in the past 2years which did not allow me to think of a second option of her school. The experience that we as parents and my daughter as a student have with her school is highly incredible. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL.Thanks to the entire team and wish you more success.

Happy Kid: Baby Tharika

Happy Parent: Mrs.Subhashini

Age Group: 2.5 to 3.5 yrs

My daughter, S. Tharika, is studying in class of age group 2.5 yrs to 3.5 yrs.. I am writing this mail to thank all the facilitators for putting a lot of effort in nurturing the kid and helpin g her learn a lot of things (studies and otherwise) at this tender age in a happy and joyous way. A lot of patience and maturity goes into handling kids during their pre-school years when they are very mischievous and explore the world around them a lot. And I could feel that happening here... I feel proud to see a lot of positive energy developing in the kid in terms of helping elders, sharing, caring, wishing, requesting and informing, for which I would like to extend my deep gratitude to the facilitators and the curriculum that is followed. My special thanks go the whole team who has been a great mentor and has been in constant touch with me during every important moment of the kid's tenure at school. I wish the best for the whole team, in all their future endeavors.

Happy Kid: N.Taanish

Happy Parent: Mr.Anoo

Age Group: 2.5 to 3.5 yrs(Pre KG)

Its pleasure to appreciate a worthy reason..we are able to watch nice development in our kids activity.. Really he is doing wonder's in this age regarding writing and drawing.. The activities are much enough to cultivate worthy skills like singing ,drawing ,recognizing . We are proud to say our kid is member of this institution.ITS THE TIME TO APPRECIATE ALL YOUR PATIENCE...well done The Knowledge Tree Ventures....

Happy Kid: Baby Monisha

Happy Parent: Shrimathy Sandhya Naresh Kumar

Age Group: 4.5 to 5.5 yrs

Its our time to share our valuable feedback about your school. We are so happy that in her 3 years in this school, she has been in good care, well taught & loved by all teachers. Teachers provided good Hands on experience to kids and also created fun and enthusiastic atmospheres within their classrooms. Loving care which they received helped kids to reduce the stress from school work. School also has provided well organised information, informing the upcoming events and activities in details , Excellent in providing safety to kids and good in providing parent-teacher communication channel.Our sincere thanks to Entire Team.. keep on going.

Happy Kid: Master Mughilavan

Happy Parent: Shrimathy kalaivani Ramesh

Age Group: 3.5 to 4.5 yrs

As we were shifted from Bangalore to Chennai we were looking for the best school for our son R. Mughilavan in a short span of time, and with all reviews and long discussion we placed him here in Emerging wings. But once school was opened we felt that our son was in safe hands and we had taken a right decision in choice of his school. The curriculum taught here sets up high standards in the terms of the understanding the concepts in the minds of students. It naturally produces a self interest and reduces an aversion towards studying. The school uses various methodology and practical way of making the student understand the concept which is really good. The books provided here are very precise, colourful and knowledgeable and my son is very much interested in writing his homework on his own. As a special mention need to tell about teachers in this school. All the teachers and staff are well trained and patient towards students. They play an important role in imparting not only education but also other social skills which is more important in future of children. My son used to be very shy and not so bold but now he is very outspoken and his communication has very much improved. A big thanks to all the staff and non teaching staff in the school. I will surely recommend this school to all my friends and relatives. Long way to go and great going team. Kudos to everybody in this school.

Happy Kid: Baby Akshitha

Happy Parent: Shrimathy Vaishnavi sundar

Age Group: 4.5 to 5.5 yrs

Akshita joined the school when she was 3 years old at pre-kg now she is in UKG (Ready To Fly II). The 3 years journey of my kid in this school has set a great milestone for her initial stages of group and have set the root strong for her career. Thanks to the wonderful team for bringing up her to this level. She has got a good vocabulary, she is quick in grasping, she is excellent in imaginative skills, she has started reading story books of her own. I would want them to grow high and bring in more grades or classes of education. So that my kid and other kids can get benefited.

Happy Kid: Dharsh

Happy Parent: Arun

We would like to thank BG School, it’s teachers and other Facilitators for handling Dharsh with patience. The activities at BG School are very engaging and explore new concepts in an innovative way. Your way of evaluating a kid based on their happiness quotient is indeed unique and we would like to thank you for all the positive vibrations that you have imparted on the kids. We are seeing significant improvement in Dharsh’s activities.Thanks to you all. Keep up the good work!!!.

Happy Kid: Meher Talashi

Happy Parent: Sonia Talashi

Age Group: 3.5 to 4.5 yrs

First of all the facilitators are very good, they are approachable and i can talk to them anytime about any doubts that i may be having. The Curriculum is good and covers each aspect of childs development. The books are good, they are activity based and keeps the child interested in them. Kids are taken for field trips, which again is a great way of learning. In the beginning of the month we are given a schedule, which has all the details of the events planned for the month, so there are no short notices or surprises. We are aware of the events, special days, holidays etc in advance. Parents also receive a monthly syllabus planner from the facilitator, this covers all the things which the child will be learning in the month. This helps me in knowing what is my child being taught in the class( rhymes, stories, tamil poems, general knowledge)apart from the written work which can be seen in the notebooks, workbooks and assignment sheets. We are continuing with the school and we look forward to even better year ahead.

Our Belief

Happiness is very important ingredient to your child’s educational success. We strongly believe BG future school will be a “Happy Home” for the child to cherish every moment of the learning process.

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