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About Us

  • With years of dedicated research, at BG future school we have set unparalleled standards in the Child Development & Education space. Having acknowledged the uniqueness of each child and their infinite potential, we have developed a proprietary pedagogy revolving around " Happiness Learning"
  • Having touched the lives of more than 1000 early stage learners , we are dedicated to remain focussed on nurturing the ‘unique potential’ in every child.
  • We congratulate you at this juncture for taking this step to make your child a Happy learner.
  • Vision

  • We will strive to enrich each child's social , emotional , physical , cognitive , intellectual and creative abilities by providing right environment at every learning stage
  • Children will have safe and happy educational experience. Children will be exposed to positive character lessons and experiences , used to help shape them into successful members of the social world
  • To involve parents thorough the educational process.Active parents involvement is sought, encouraged and welcomed
  • Students will enter kindergarten with necessary skills to promote life long learning
  • Our Educators

  • Our staffs are highly qualified, enthusiastic individuals who have put in years of experience in early child care and learning.
  • They are trained extensively to deliver the proprietary curriculum using child friendly tools and techniques . They ensure that your child gets the same unconditional love, care, affection patience and they make your child feel at home.
  • The staffs are ably assisted by trained service staff.
  • Our Methodology

  • Introducing, for the first time in india, perhaps in the world, a curriculum that makes the child, the facilitator and the parent happy at every learning milestone.
  • The curriculum has been tailored to make the entire learning process fulfilled and easy for he tiny tots to assimilate.
  • The activity driven curriculum will make the child a life long learner by giving them every opportunity to explore and experiment.
  • Our Belief

  • Happiness is very important ingredient to your child’s educational success.
  • We strongly believe BG future school will be a “Happy Home” for the child to cherish every moment of the learning process.
  • "Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus egestas."

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